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Imagine being able to take the world’s most-proven industry processes and measure how far you need to go to adopt them as your own.

Publication date: 2013-02

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Commodity prices are drifting, waiting for signs of recovery in demand

Publication date: 2013-01

Categories: Articles in English, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Organization & People, Power & Utilities, Processes, Strategic Direction

Three industry booklets explore changes and pertinent survey responses within the industry and a snapshot of the COO in the corresponding sector.

Categories: Articles in English, Governance & Risk, Power & Utilities, Processes, Strategic Direction, Sustainability, Syndicated article

Red Eléctrica, Spain’s monopolistic electricity transmission company, has had a rough year so far, with expropriations of its assets in Bolivia and downgrades due to increased pressure on the Spanish government.

Publication date: 2012-09

Categories: Articles in English, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Other industry sectors, Power & Utilities, Strategic Direction, Sustainability, Syndicated article

Despite the travails of the global economy, Qatar has consistently registered double-digit real GDP growth in the past five years.

Publication date: 2012-10

Categories: Articles in German, Power & Utilities, Sustainability

„Ich gehöre zu den Optimisten, die die Energiewende als industriepolitische Chance bewerten. Diese Chance wird man aber nur nutzen können, wenn es eine Energiepolitik aus einem Guss gibt“, erklärt Gunda Röstel

Publication date: 2012-08

Categories: Articles in English, Cleantech, Government & Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Strategic Direction, Sustainability

Veteran green-energy pioneer Amory Lovins has a road map that businesses and governments the world over can use to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and generate significant savings, profits and growth.

Publication date: 2012-06

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Create your personalized “consumer profile” in our consumer barometer web-based tool.

Publication date: 2012-06

Starthilfe-Das Vermächtnis von Gustave Trouvé: Die Markteinführung der Elektromobilität in einer modernen Welt

Categories: Articles in German, Automotive, Power & Utilities, Strategic Direction, Sustainability, Technology

Wie kann das Marketing heute Elektrofahrzeuge (EVs) auf dem Markt positionieren und wie können sie sich durchsetzen? Wer sind die Erstkäufer und wie sieht der optimale Marketing-Mix aus, um die Zielgruppe anzusprechen? In diesem Artikel wird eine Mehrphasen-Strategie zur Marktpositionierung von EVs erläutert. Dazu werden die Produkteigenschaften von EVs, die Kundenbedürfnisse und andere Marktkräfte näher betrachtet.

Publication date: 2011-03

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